• Revolutionary Design

    The LNT 36S’ revolutionary hybrid design incorporates an 8 static tool gang tool post which has 3 axes, X,Y & Z, coupled with the primary multifunctional servo turret and secondary back machining servo turret. Multiple live tool configurations are available giving you a huge range of machining capabilities, such as:
    • ID & OD Turning
    • Cross Drilling
    • Tapping
    • Contour Milling
    • Slotting
    • Multi-edge Turing
    • Broaching

  • OD Turning

    The stability of the LNT 36S’ servo driven gang tool post allows for unmatched OD turning precision on complex workpieces.

  • Front Machining Versatility

    The unique design of the LNT 36S incorporates a gang tool slide with 3 axes: X, Y & Z and with 8 static tools. Servo controlled, the tool post allows for turning, drilling, and boring in 3 axes. Coupled with multifunctional servo turret, front machining of complex parts is an easy task for the LNT-36S.

  • Synchronized Take Off Device for Precision Machining

    The LNT 36S provides outstanding simultaneous machining. Here we can see the simulation of cutoff for the part machined on the primary spindle. It will be taken off for further back machining by the specialized collet on the main turret. The completed part will then be dropped in the parts catcher.

  • Back Machining Capabilities

    The secondary turret’s 8 position servo driven or static tools coupled with the primary turrets precision spindle, the LNT- 36S allows for a comprehensive range of back machining options.

  • Machining Versatility

    Here we have the LNT 36S performing tapping on a complex workpiece on the front X, Y, Z slide. And with the primary 8 position multifunctional servo turret this allows for a great range of machining capabilities.

  • Retractable Parts Catcher & Conveyor

    The finished parts catcher and conveyor allow the operator to collect finished parts conveniently, reducing idle time.

  • Twin Servo Turrets

    The primary 8 position sliding multifunctional servo turret can be equipped with high speed spindles and driven tools for a variety of front and back machining operations. This coupled with the secondary servo turret, allows for superb simultaneous machining, and reduced cycle times.

  • Additional X,Y,Z Slide at Main Spindle