• CNC Mill-turn 2 Turrets/2 Spindles

    This variant of the LND D Series comes with 2 spindles and 2 turrets for machining of complex parts requiring high throughput and back machining capability. This model can handle bar stock up to 65mm in diameter.

  • Twin VDI 30 Turrets-16 Stations

    Both servo turrets are powered for heavy precise cutting with ample torque to power through the most demanding of cutting jobs. For added capability the Y-axis travel of +/-55mm allows you to perform complex tasks with speed and efficiency.

  • Simultaneous Machining & Fast Cycle Times

    Simultaneous machining of parts ensures fast cycle times and precision for your workpieces. You can reduce setup times, costly jigs and maintain accuracy all while saving precious time. The Y-axis turret is shareable between both spindles increasing the versatility.

  • Powerful Spindles

    The power of the main spindle 9/13kW coupled with the sub-spindle power of 7/10kW is more than sufficient to maintain a high level of machining and precision of mid-sized parts. And with C-axis capability of both spindles you can manufacture complex workpieces all in 1 setup.

  • Enhanced Backmachining Capabilities

    Live or static tools can be equipped on Turret 2 as well for an all-around powerful compliment for any production line or workshop.

  • Mitsubishi Controllers

    This machine is fitted with the latest Mitsubishi CNC controller for users who demand a flexible yet well-trusted brand of controllers.