• Decrease Machining Time - Double Production Throughput

    The LNT-S series automatic lathe is capable of machining even the most complex parts in a single cycle. This makes the LNT-S a number one choice for shops looking to decrease machining time and increase production throughput.

  • Increase Your Capabilities

    The LND-T series with multiple live tool configurations gives you access to entirely new processes, such as:
    •Cross Drilling
    •Contour milling
    •Multi-edge turning

  • 8 Position Servo Turret

    The 8 position servo turret is mounted on a compound slide. Turret movement includes both Z and X –axis capabilities transmitted by precision ball screw. It features extra long travel, high speed and two axes interpolation function.

  • 8 Position Servo Turret (Video)

  • 3 Compound Slides-Standard

    The 3 independent compound cross slides are all servo and ball screw driven for super accurate cutting and work together to drastically reduce machining time.

  • 4 Multiple Compound Slides- Optional

    We offer 3 compound slides as standard but with customization we can add 1 more, drastically reducing your cycle times and increasing your machining productivity.

  • 4 Multiple Compound Slides (Video)

  • Back Machining Capabilities

    The standard tool platform allows for mounting up to 4 gang tool holders or 4 live tool holders.

  • Back Machining (Video)

  • Highly Customizable Options

    The LNT-S series offers customers a range of back machining options to suit any need, whether it be fixed tools set up, driven tool setup, and even an 8 position fully driven back machining turret. The LNT-S series will deliver the increased production capabilities to suit your specific machining needs.

  • Back Machining Turret (Video)

  • Multiple Turret Setups

    The LNT-S series is a true high production multi slide automatic lathe and can be customized to include up to 3 fully driven 8 position servo powered turrets to provide custom machining solutions to meet the tightest production deadlines.

  • Multiple Turret Setups (Video)

  • VDI-30 Servo Turret

    With the optional VDI -30 Turret you have the same machining capability on the counter spindle as on the main spindle.

  • VDI-30 Servo Turret-2

    Rapid 0.4 Sec Tool Change Time

  • VDI-30 Servo Turret-3

    8 front/ 8 Back Live Tool Positions

  • Powerful Spindle

    Spindle runs on class P4 high precision bearings, providing maximum speed of 5000 / 4500 / 4000 rpm.

  • Rigid Structural Design

    Rigid structure with a flat wide bed design and heavily ribbed Meehanite casting absorbs the turning vibration and ensures job accuracy. The Z-axis slide base and bed are constructed in a one-piece casting for added rigidity.

  • Z-axis Design

    The extra wide span design between the Z- axis precision linear guide ways allows for turret full travel support during heavy machining and ensures increased stability and accuracy.

  • Rigid Meehanite Casting

    Ruggedly constructed machine bed with rib reinforcement achieves the best possible stability and ensures a lifetime deformation free machine

  • Rigid High Precision Machining (Video)

  • Rigid Headstock

    The Headstock is ruggedly constructed for maximum rigidity and stability. The collet Chuck-Type spindle is actuated by a rotary cylinder, providing fast workpiece chucking.

  • Siemens 840D CNC Control

    Machine is equipped with a Siemens 840D CNC Control, providing dialog programming for user-friendly operations.

  • Siemens 840D CNC Control - 2

    Graphic tool tracing makes training & operations much easier. During operation, additional programs can be edited thus reducing programming time. The CNC box can be swiveled for added operator convenience.

  • Siemens 840D CNC Control (Video)

  • Parts Conveyor

    Installed on the front side of the machine, this automatically delivers the finished parts into a collecting tank for convenient handling.

  • Parts Conveyor 2

    This parts conveyor is program-controlled by M code & running frequency can be set as desired by the operator.

  • Parts Conveyor 3

  • Parts Conveyor 4

    Delivering finished parts to collecting Tank.

  • Powerful Hydraulic Power Unit

    The hydraulic power unit is used for open-close coupling for turret indexing, and open-close collet chucking for both main spindle and sub spindle. This power unit is built with top performance hydraulic parts to ensure stable motion, powerful hydraulic pressure and long service life.

  • Screw Type Chip Conveyor- Standard

    Screw-type chip conveyor comes equipped with a chip cart.

  • Link Type Chip Conveyor- Optional

    Our link conveyor type is suitable for applications with short steel chips, needle chips (e.g. brass), cast-iron chips, cast iron dust and sludge. Furthermore is suitable for both wet and dry processing applications.

  • Air Conditioner for Electric Cabinet

    The electrical control cabinet is equipped with a high performance air conditioner to ensure a constant temperature in the cabinet at all times maximizing the service life of all electronic and electrical components.

  • Automatic Bar Feeder 1.2-3.7 Meters

    Fully automatic operations will greatly reduce labor costs increasing your production efficiency. No special requirements or restrictions on material straightness. Material rotates within machining area and spindle length of lathe.
    • Lathe spindle speed can be maximized
    • Can take round, hexagonal and shaped material
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Small footprint

  • Complex Parts

  • Sample

  • Sample 2

  • Complex Defect-Free Parts (Video)